Talan’s Seal Of Botany

Flag cn.png 塔兰的熟练园艺工票据; Flag jp.png タランの手形:熟練園芸師; Flag us. png Talan's Seal of Botany Mastery; Flag fr.png Avoir botanique expert de Talan.

Botanist's Primary Tool. Cannot have company crests applied. Can be placed in a glamour dresser. Cannot be placed in an. Talan's Seal of Botany Mastery. 1.

Allied Seal, 1, Yet another currency printed and distributed by the Eorzean Alliance.. Talan's Seal of Botany, 1, A document bearing master crafter Talan's.

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Talan's Seal of Botany Mastery Icon.png, Talan's Seal of Botany Mastery.

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Rohan Kinbattle Louisoix (Chaos). 30/04/2016 02:27. You need 99 Redolent Logs and 10 fieldcraft demimateria III to get Talan's Seal of Botany in Mor Dhona.

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Dec 1, 2015. Rauni is a level 50, item level 55 Primary Botanist Tool. Dhona with 1 Mastercraft Demimateria and 1 Talan's Seal of Botany for Rauni Supra.

The Eorzea Database Talan page. 1. Talan's Seal of Mining Mastery. 1. Moonstone. 5. Forager's Hatchet. Rauni Supra. 1. Talan's Seal of Botany Mastery. 1.

Description: A document bearing master crafter Talan's personal seal. Can be presented in exchange for select botanist's equipment. Requirements: Item Level.

Jun 13, 2017. Talans seal of botany icon1.png. Talan's Seal of Botany. Miscellany, 1/99. A document bearing master crafter Talan's personal seal. Can be.