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Since [‘Enlightenment Now’] evaluates and dismisses that threat, it poses an existential threat to Phil Torres’s career. Harris opines the following with a wholly unjustified degree of epistemic.

"I’ve had some experts write me and say they don’t have an expert opinion on it because it is so bizarre," Rice University ecology graduate student Phil Torres told. Earlier this week in Ecuador,

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Scientist Phil Torres points out that while turtles get plenty of salt. said Geoff Gallice, a graduate student of entomology at the Florida Museum of Natural History, who has witnessed butterflies.

A recent YouTube video shows a truly fascinating (if not terrifying) display of ant behavior, in which the small insects suddenly abandon their previously haphazard motion to march in a circle around.

We noticed the weirdness last Thursday, when Phil Torres, a biologist who also works at. for science at the National Museum of Natural History. We asked WIRED’s incoming bug blogger, entomologist.

Entomologist Phil Torres has a neat solution. In this video, he takes us through his simple and elegant setup for shooting studio-quality macro photographs in the field. Torres, who also works as a TV.

TechKnow’s Phil Torres heads to. as "umbrella species", explains Torres, and making the correct decisions in protecting them means protecting other species in the rainforest as well as their.

It was just millimeters across, and well camouflaged by its building materials. At the time, there was no way Reeves could know entomologist Phil Torres would soon find a similar spider in Peru, and.

A waterfall, of course. YouTuber and tropical entomologist Phil Torres, who posts short documentary videos as The Jungle Diaries, patiently waited at Mexico’s Sierra Chincua Reserve to show this exact.

Yes, it is deeply disheartening to know that some degree of damage has already been done. I hope the American electorate chooses wisely on Nov. 6. Phil Torres is the founding director of the.

TAMBOPATA, Peru – A tiny spider in the Peruvian Amazon catches prey in a most marvelous way. From a spot near the center of its web, the spider stretches the silky trap into a cone shape. Then, it.

Phil Torres is a scientist, educator and adventurer whose research and reporting has brought him into some of the most diverse natural landscapes across the world including Mongolia, Venezuela,

The camp is spearheaded by Crescenta Valley High Coach Phil Torres. reached about 55 degrees when the drills began Monday. “It’s a little colder than usual, but I like the way everybody came out.

Hari Sreenivasan spoke to the show’s field scientist Phil Torres to learn more. There is a three-daylive event beginning tomorrow on PBS. The program ‘Nature’ Is showcasing the wonder and science of.

Butterflies drink the tears of turtles, and new research may have discovered the. The research was done by scientist Phil Torres at the Tambopata Research Center in Peru, and it shows that.

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But much of this material is removed from the air by rain before it reaches the western Amazon, said Phil Torres, a conservation biologist. a graduate student of entomology at the Florida Museum of.