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Prof Stevens was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's “The Life Scientific” with Professor Jim Al-Khalili. Listen to Prof Stevens Interviewed on BBC Radio 4.

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Judge, author and historian Jonathan Sumption will be the 2019 BBC Reith Lecturer. Sumption will deliver five lectures on BBC Radio 4 in Spring 2019. which enriches the intellectual and cultural.

Jun 06, 2018  · I have just listened to a 30 minute Radio 4 programme from the BBC which I thoroughly recommend. The topic of Life Scientific was the gut and how it.

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Gordon Shulman hoped his analysis would help identify the network that comes to life when people pay attention. The survey is part of a Wellcome Collection collaboration with BBC Radio 4. Claudia.

Two men found guilty of the 1993 racist murder of Stephen Lawrence in south-east London have been jailed for life. Gary Dobson will serve a. in its civil claim against the police told BBC Radio 4’s.

Podcast downloads for The Life Scientific. Professor Jim Al-Khalili talks to leading scientists about their life and work, finding out what inspires and motivates them and asking what their.

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"There is hardly any area of Irish life that won’t be affected in one way or another. Chris Morris presents Brexit: A Guide for the Perplexed on BBC Radio 4. You can listen online, or download the.

The theoretical physicist whose many broadcasts include Radio 4's 'The Life Scientific', is coming to talk to us about what the future might hold due to advances.

"So far, tracking has focussed on adults, particularly females with few tags on juveniles and a handful on open oceanic life stages. animal group," he told BBC News. Hear more from Kate Mansfield.

BBC Radio 4 Radioplayer. Toggle Radioplayer Menu. Search Search Clear search terms. Radioplayer. Today Radio 4. Close. More from the BBC. Close. HD. Play from start. Close. Listen live. Close. On Air 09:00 Tue 13ᵗʰ October 2015. The Life Scientific Danielle George on electronics. Engineer Danielle George tells Jim about her passion.

BBC Radio 4 February 25, 2014 · In today’s Life Scientific forensic anthropologist Professor Sue Black talks about her life and career including a Saturday job in a butcher’s shop, helping solve many high-profile criminal cases and advising many of the UK’s top crime writers.

However, some scientists have argued the move is more political than scientific BBC transport correspondent Richard. Sierra Leone and Guinea. But speaking on BBC Radio 4’s World at One, chairman of.

Poised at my computer last night, I listened to, and eagerly typed notes on the first episode of a new series on BBC Radio 4 that looks at the history of. "a super-size scientific instrument". It.

BBC Changes to Tuesday mornings on Radio 4, ushered in by controller Gwyneth Williams, have now taken effect. In the slot once occupied by programmes such as On The Ropes, Taking a Stand, Between.

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Feb 17, 2014  · Subscribe to BBC News Peter Higgs explains the Higgs boson on the Radio 4 Programme Life Scientific. Listen to the full interview with Peter.

Dee was a scientific and medical adviser to Elizabeth I who advocated. "It’s an ongoing dilemma – what do you call something that’s new?" he recently told BBC Radio 4’s Front Row. There was praise.

Though there were many privations, with so many men away at the war it was perhaps the first time they could play a fully equal role in the life of the institution. Them is the Afternoon Play on.

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Three Open University scientists, including the late Professor Colin Pillinger, are among a select group to feature in a new book based on the popular BBC Radio 4 series The Life Scientific.

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Oct 23, 2018  · Category Archives: Life Scientific BBC Radio 4. The Science of Beauty~ at the Royal Society of Edinburgh 10th-12th November 2015. Posted on June 17, 2015 by clivewilkins.

Feb 17, 2014  · Subscribe to BBC News Peter Higgs explains the Higgs boson on the Radio 4 Programme Life Scientific. Listen to the full interview with Peter.

A series of short films celebrating marine life around the globe and exploring the health of our oceans. This lesson for 7-11s looks at the Earth’s rich marine life, explores ecosystems, and.

Mr Osborne told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme there had been "enormous competition. Mr Osborne said there were several ways in which the UK could become an attractive location for scientific.

Paul Davies on the origin of life and the evolution of cancer. Physicist Paul Davies on the origin of life, aliens and the evolution of cancer. Published on Tuesday, 26th March 2019. Corinne Le Quéré on the global carbon cycle. Professor Corinne Le Quéré talks to Jim Al-Khalili about tracing global carbon. Published on Tuesday, 19th March 2019.

Our radio comedy show that explores the science around us – and you get to play along. looks to impart bite-size learning about the everyday objects in your life. Recorded in front of a live audience for BBC Radio 4, get your intensive hit of.

Resident for eight years, and a scientific glass-blower at the University of Southampton. The Today programme is broadcast on BBC Radio 4, weekdays from 06:00-09:00 GMT and Saturdays from.

"This is not a thing that should go anywhere outside Denmark," says Copenhagen Zoo’s Scientific Director Bengt Holst. You can listen to Hannah Barnes’ report on BBC Radio 4’s The Report at 20:00.

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Earlier, the Environment Agency had issued a severe flood warning – meaning "danger to life" – for Westbury. Sir John Beddington, former government chief scientific adviser, told BBC Radio 4’s.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme after meeting UK International Trade. the UK’s top exports to Australia include medicines and pharmaceuticals, scientific instruments, clothing accessories.

Image caption MP Johnny Mercer wants more research into mefloquine A document from a senior military medic seen by BBC Radio 4’s Today programme said that. servicemen on operations or when working.

Media caption Professor Majid Ezzati tells Radio 4’s Today why other countries’ life expectancy is longer than the UK’s. The US also performs poorly and is on course to have the lowest life.

For all of his academic work on mind-boggling scientific concepts, Stephen Hawking was also. "I have been quite popular in my time," the character says in the BBC Radio 4 adaptation. "Some even.

BBC Radio 4. Listen on Radioline. Podcast. Paul Davies on the origin of life and the evolution of cancer Durée : 29min 9s. Corinne Le Quéré on the global carbon cycle Durée. Jim Al-Khalili on HIS life scientific Durée : 36min 0s. Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell Durée : 28min 35s.

This is a list of current and former programmes broadcast on BBC Radio 4. When it came into existence – on 30 September 1967 – Radio 4 inherited a great many continuing programme series which had been initiated prior to that date by its predecessor, the BBC Home Service (1939–1967), and in some cases even by stations which had preceded the Home Service.

Marine scientists are delighted with the latest video footage of life and death from. radio series Into the Abyss on BBC Radio 4. His spectacular images are some consolation for a technical.

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In a non-scientific study I wanted to see if these "teardrop" moments. triggered the insurrection in which it is thought there were a total of 800 casualties. BBC Radio 4 Extra: Listen to a.

That changed five years ago, when the UK government pivoted to include scientific impact in its assessment of. and they contacted me after hearing about my research on BBC Radio 4. I had not.

BBC Radio 4 February 27, 2018 · Engineer Ailie MacAdam, who was in charge of the central London section of Crossrail, on another megaproject, the Boston Big Dig and a surprising engineering solution.