Bands Like Atomic Kitten

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You’re still and adult and it’s still 2017, and yep, Atomic Kitten are still hanging in there. spat between tash and me has come from god knows @NatashaOfficial we’re like bloody sisters!! Xxx",

A lot of our fans will have kids now so it would be great if they can both come along to watch us and enjoy our music.” The group – who had 12 top ten hit singles in the UK between 1999 and 2004 -.

If you’re reading this, you’ve gone back in time to 2002 because for no apparent reason Atomic Kitten, B*Witched, S Club 3 (clearly they lost four S Clubs), and boy band East 17. teach you how to.

Earlier this year, Katona ruled out reuniting the pop group, but confirmed that she had been working on solo material. Atomic Kitten polled fifth in Digital Spy’s exclusive poll of which groups.

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Natasha agreed: "When you grow up together in band, you’ve got a bond like sisters and that doesn’t go away. We cant wait to show you guys." As well as Atomic Kitten, the likes of 5ive and.

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12 years after leaving the band Kerry’s back and in a good place. She said: ‘I feel like I’ve done a full circle I’ve been through hell and back. ‘I think people forget I was in Atomic Kitten’. Kerry.

Sadly it looks like the bubble has well and truly burst for reformed pop bands from the 90s and noughties, with the news that a tour set to feature All Saints, Atomic Kitten and East 17 has been.

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The Spice Girls, Atomic Kitten, All Saints, Sugababes, Girls Aloud, The Saturdays and Little Mix: this is the exhaustive list of every truly great British girl band that’s existed. ‘Gots To Give.

We’ve got back together as a band and now I’m going to be appearing in. ‘Are you excited to be coming to see Mummy performing in London?’ And they were like, ‘To be honest, Mum, Atomic Kitten’s not.

So you think that’s acceptable behaviour? I don’t think you’d like to watch your girlfriend pelted with crap? — Natasha Hamilton (@NatashaOfficial) March 9, 2017 At least.

Jenny Frost no longer speaks. about not rejoining the band as she is very content with her family life. She added to Closer magazine: ”I always say everything happens for a reason and I feel me.

The Walled City Music team prepares to welcome 35 young piano students. The weekend of July 13-14 will see stars like.

I didn’t like it and haven’t had it since." Atomic Kitten recently revealed they were back in the studio recording new music following their appearance on ‘The Big Reunion’.

No, Atomic Kitten’s Kerry Katona. "I was in the band then," she quipped. "So it’s my number one too!" Natasha diplomatically replied that it was actually "everyone’s" number one (we certainly like.

I was like I get to be in Atomic Kitten,’ she said at the time. claiming that the billing of the band Atomic Kitten on local ticketing websites was false, report The Sun. ‘The Mumbai concert was.

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Nineties pop favourites Atomic Kitten are back and the girls. hubby Westlife star Brian McFadden were a bit like Posh and Becks in that their blossoming relationship soon started to overshadow the.